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Dr. Mavor is an absolute gem of a human, and a master at his profession. His office is clean, and inviting, and I am constantly greeted with the warmest of welcome by both his staff, and himself. He has made me mobile after work injuries, and has never once judged me for coming into the office with an injury from some silly rollerskating accident. I used to live 5 minutes from the office, and now I’m over an hour, and the small trek is worth it. I highly recommend him to any, and all ages looking to work through mobility issues, and pain.

Casey Staskawicz

went to Jason today, I had so much pain walking in. Walking out I was ready to cartwheel down the sidewalk because my pain was gone!

Jason is by far the best chiropractor ever!


Honestly, I was blown away with everything. In one hour 5 years of stress and pain was reversed. The whole encounter was super professional with still being personable. He really knows his stuff and is so good I am recommending everyone I know to go to him.

Matt Ranney

Jason really knows his stuff. He does a great job at putting me back together in a very short time.

Peter Helmes

I've been going to the chiropractor for about 15 years and Dr. Mavor is the absolute best. Kind, compassionate, funny, and very honest. Easy to schedule in the practice and is always happy to share tips and tricks for improving overall health. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Matthew Simko

Very thorough and is the best chiropractor I have been to that also accepts certain plans under masshealth and he takes his time.....no rushed 15 min visits like some other places and offers very reasonable co pay rates for other services not covered by insurance!!!

Philip Horner

Jason is amazing! After my first appointment I a. felt much better b. had the tools (stretches) to keep working on the things we discussed and c. didn't feel as if I was signing up for a long calendar of follow up appointments! Second appointment was short and sweet - Jason checked in on whether I understood my "homework" and gave me even more to try. He really seems focused on getting you to feel better as quickly as possible (and he's also hilarious!).

Kristen Vagliardo

Jason is super committed to his patients. I know 2 other people who see him and I have heard the best things from them as well. Best chiro I have ever worked with.

Aastha Kohli

I was very concerned about seeing a chiropractor at all. Dr. J was able to help me not only start feeling better (quickly!) but also gave me a lot of advice and plans for how to avoid injury in the future. He was very personable, easy to talk to, and eased any anxieties I had about treatment. I would recommend him in a heartbeat. He was the one bright spot in a very bad medical experience.

Samantha Keefe

I am very happy with Mavor Chiropractic. He is very knowledgeable and informative. Last year I went against my better judgement and his advice just before a trip to Disney. Finally the day before I left on my trip I made time to see him. I was in such discomfort I was thinking I might have to cancel my trip. Well I didn't miss my trip and was able to attend my nephew's wedding. It's clear Mavor is great choice.

Jeana Ward

Not only Jason is excellent at doing adjustments, he is also very knowledgeable about various exercises, core strengthening/balance, is highly entertaining, and just fun to be around.

Vassili Sukharev

Jason has the unique ability to cure the body very quickly - I endorse him as a chiropractor. He is also personable and his knowledge is exceptional.

David Rosen

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